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Pyramidal salt

Sea salt %100 natural

Our pyramidal salts come from the Missolonghi basin, a natural area in the northwest of Greece, and are the result of a rigorous process. Their pyramidal shape is obtained by crystallization under specific temperature and pressure conditions.

To be used as a final touch, like fleur de sel. They crumble easily with the fingertips to obtain fine flakes of salt that melt delicately in the mouth and bring a salty, pure and light taste.

To sprinkle on your meat and fish, pasta, grilled vegetables or summer salads.

35 G 3.80€

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Denomination: Pyramid salt
Net Quantity: 35g
Price per kilogram: 91,43€ TTC
Origin : Greece
Ingredient: Sea salt

Minimum Durability Date: 12 months

Storage conditions: Store away from heat and humidity.

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Free delivery

From 50 euros of purchase in France (outside Corsica)

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