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Infusions & herbs

Discover our ORGANIC herbs and infusions!

We’ve created a range of four unique assortments, made from plants and citrus fruits harvested on the Cycladic islands: organically grown recipes with perfectly balanced flavours.

Whether it’s in the morning to wake up gently or in the evening to relax after a long day, our Greek herbal teas and infusions are a daily companion: Infusion joie, songe, harmonie & vie.

As for our herbs, they are harvested in the mountains of northern Greece and then dried away from the sun, so that they retain all their aromas and essential oils.

As an infusion, or to bring out the flavour of your cooking in your dishes and desserts: sage, oregano, rosemary, spearmint, lavender & mountain infusions.

Aromatic herbs are a key element in Greek cuisine. They are often used to season grilled dishes, meats, vegetables and even salads.

Our hand-picked and carefully dried herbs add a touch of sunshine to every dish. Fragrant oregano, refreshing mint, robust sage – each herb is an invitation to explore the many facets of Mediterranean cuisine.

Did you know?

The Greeks have a tradition of gathering wild herbs to use in their recipes.

When it comes to infusions, discover unique blends that skilfully combine herbs and fruit to create exquisite drinks. From soothing chamomile to relaxing lemon balm, our infusions are a sensory journey that soothes the mind and delights the senses.

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