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The olive oil runs
in our vein.

Petrol Chantzios, our paternal grandfather, lived from the olive oil production .

In a village named Neochori-Ithomi, this is where we spent part of our childhood, lost between the mountains of the Peloponnese and Olivier fields.

Travailler la Terre

In the morning, Yaya use to prepare fresh eggs for us. One centimeter of olive oil in the pan, a slice of bread to soak up, a glass of milk and some honey cakes was our breakfast. Once satisfied, we use to leave to the olive groves. In December, it was time to harvest. Our father, Vassilis, led the dance hitting the trees to project olives in nets. His godson Theodore, cut the thick and well-stocked branches. Our two aunts, Niki and Fotula, were responsible for sorting the olives and then slipped them into bags. At the end of the day, we use to take the direction of the mill in order to press the freshly harvested olives of the day.


The consecration

We have been practically nurtured with this olive oil

In late 2009, after our studies, we decided to have a try!

Our mother Christine lives in France. She met my father on a trip to Greece, they settled near Toulouse. My brother and I grew up between the two countries.

January 2010, after the harvest, we crossed Paris on a scooter with our samples. Without taking appointment, we came in restaurants to make taste our production to the Chefs.

In two months, it runs 30 bidons of 5 liters of olive oil, Kalamata olives 12 jars of 2 kilos and 18 jars of olives cream. Word of mouth works, many chefs trusted us. Today, more than 80 starred restaurants are using our products. Yannick Alleno, Troisgros Brothers, Anne-Sophie Pic, Christophe Aribert, Pascal Barbot, Eric Guerin … those chefs who have access to the best products in the world have stopped on our oil. Successful bet !

As our family produces only one type of olive oil, we crossed the Peloponnese in search of small producers. Spacing of the trees, altitude, sun exposure, soil quality, all these criteria that helped us to select the best plots. Few months later, the collection of single variety oils Kalios was born. From the green fruity from November to the ripe fruity from January, 4 batches for 4 typicities. And with the help of our chefs, we managed to create food-oil agreements.

Kalios Caractère
Kalios Equilibre
Kalios Douceur
Kalios Bio
Kalios Composants
Kalios Pots

The first-rate restaurants

In respect of the
Greek tradition.

Our ambition with Kalios is to make accessible what is the best in Greece.

Initially our single variety olive oil and our Kalamata olives, Kalios range’s has gradually expanded. Aegina pistachios, Thessaly almonds, Peloponnese honey, wild herbs, mountain tea, products worked with a real know-how in respect of the Greek tradition.

Huile d'Olive
Kalios Création

Taste our products and you will feel the flavors of the stalls
of the Peloponnese markets. A bit of a journey through Greece, the one that has never changed.

Pierre & Gregory Chantzios