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Greek appetizers

The art of the Greek aperitif!

For those impromptu aperitifs or unmissable get-togethers with friends or family, discover our range of products specially designed for these warm moments.

Fall for our delicious iconic mezes – kalamata or green olives – and creations – smoked eggplant, artichoke or bell pepper – as well as our revisited Cretan breadsticks and nuts…

Did you know?

In Greece, the aperitif is a cultural tradition in its own right: people love to gather around a selection of dishes or starters to share – the mezes – which dress up the table with the finest colors and flavors of the Mediterranean.

The aperitif: savouring the moment the Greek way!

In Greece and on the Mediterranean shores, the aperitif is part of a sunny culture where friends and family gather to enjoy a moment of conviviality, as if celebrating life.

And so, we gather around a beautiful table full of color and flavor – inland or by the sea – to share delicious mezes and treasures of local gastronomy.

The olive, an exceptional guest

In between these warm discussions, let yourself be seduced by beautiful kalamata olives – in oil or on their own – with their crimson color and fleshy texture. Of course, on this table, you can always find green chalkidiki olives – firmer and more almondy – to please everyone.

Mezes, a sense of sharing

Kalamata, green olives, eggplant, artichokes, peppers… a waltz of sun-drenched vegetables in the form of mezes with a texture that we love, and that goes perfectly with our range of Cretan breadsticks.

Traditionally in Mediterranean culture, we call ” mezes ” gourmet tables offering a selection of small, diverse dishes that are shared as appetizers or aperitifs. 

Cretan breadsticks, crunchy and delicious

They’re a perfect match for our mezes, and are also available in four recipes – Kalamata, carob, multigrain and sunflower seed – for a variety of flavors.

For your charcuterie, cheese or fruit platters, they’re a must-have to enhance your compositions.

Nuts, the must-haves

Nuts, such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios, are a must.  They offer a pure, natural taste that evokes the richness of the Mediterranean region.

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