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Honeys & jams

Welcome to the sweet side of Kalios, fill up on sweet treats with our jams and honeys.

For breakfast or a well-deserved snack, we feature a refined, irresistible range for both young and old eaters.

Taste our honeydew and nectar honeys, jams and marmalades: recipes made from the finest Greek produce using environmentally-friendly methods to preserve the land of the Peloponnese.

Let yourself be tempted by the sweet delights of Greece: whether it’s to enhance a family breakfast, add a sweet and sunny touch to a dessert or simply to offer a gourmet gift.

Apricot jam
8.90€ 250 G
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Oak honey
10.90€ 250 G
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Fig jam
8.90€ 250 G
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Strawberry jam
8.90€ 6.20€ 250 G
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Orange marmalade
9.50€ 6.65€ 250 G
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Thyme honey
12.90€ 250 G
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Pine honey
8.90€ 250 G
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What delicacies are eaten in Greece?

In the morning, it’s common to enjoy a traditional Greek yoghurt (available fresh from Maison Kalios) accompanied by honey and fresh fruit.

Spice up your breakfasts with our selection:

  • At Kalios, we offer honeys – nectar and honeydew – carefully collected from local beekeepers, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Our honeys: wildflower, thyme, pine & oak.

  • As for our jams and marmalades, they are made from the best seasonal fruit to offer you recipes that combine sweetness and freshness.

Our jams & marmalades: fig, strawberry, apricot & mandarin.

Spread them generously on toast, add them to your favourite pastry recipes or just enjoy them with a simple spoon.

As for pastries, in Greece we love traditional pastries such as Baklava, with its thin layers of filo pastry and golden nuts drizzled with fragrant syrup, delicious loukoumades (honey beignets) or our favourite: portokalopita or Greek orange cake.

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