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Sauces and condiments

Experience the finest flavors of Greece with our sauces and condiments that will bring sunshine to your everyday cooking, thanks to unique recipes made from good products selected with care and love.

Concocted with fresh tomatoes harvested on the Domokos plateau when fully ripe, Kalios reinvents your everyday pleasures with its tomato sauces: fresh tomatoes, capers & basil as well as kalamata & thyme.

As for our condiments, you’ll be captivated by a new recipe – creation – and yes, it’s with our iconic Petimezi Balsamic that our capers are pickled.

At Kalios, every ingredient is chosen to bring you the very best: so your meals become a celebration of unforgettable tastes.

In Greece, sauce-based dishes hold an important position: prepare, simmer, taste and savor are the watchwords!

Just for you, our selection of favorite dishes using Mediterranean sauces and condiments:

  • Moussaka: A delicious lasagne-style recipe where garden eggplants replace the usual pasta (can be found at Maison Kalios).
  • Stifado: Cooked as a stew, this is generally slow-cooked beef with a sauce based with onions, red wine and spices. (can be found at Maison Kalios)
  • Youvesti: Enjoy meat accompanied by orzo, all cooked in a tomato sauce flavored with a dash of olive oil and a few herbs and spices for a harmonious combination.

Our favorite recipe? Hilopites with tomato sauce from our Yaya

Some of these recipes are available exclusively at Maison Kalios.

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