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Olive oils

Discover our olive oils and infused olive oils.

Whether in the iconic white bottle or the chefs’ format, our BIO, 01, 02 and 03 olive oils invite themselves into your home, in the finest grocery stores, as well as on the finest gourmet tables.

Looking for flavour? Let yourself be carried away by our selection of infused olive oils made from a blend of our olive oil vintage and natural plants grown and picked in season in Macedonia.

Basil, thyme, sage, hot pepper, garlic or smoked, rediscover your favorite dishes with the infused olive oil that’s right for you.

To ensure you receive a quality product, our olive oils are single variety, extra virgin, extracted at and protected from light by opaque packaging.

How is Kalios olive oil made?

Our family olive oil comes from healthy, artisanal farming. Never blended, Kalios single variety olive oil comes exclusively from Koroneiki olives.

The olives are harvested by hand, then immediately taken to the mill to extract cold pressed olive oil by centrifugation. The oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks under a nitrogen cap, then packaged at the last moment to avoid oxidation.

Our family-run olive grove now produces the 02 olive oil vintage from Koroneiki green olives. However, to broaden our range and bring out the different fruitinesses of this olive, we’ve travelled the Peloponnese to meet the region’s best producers, and now offer you olive oils 01, 03 and BIO.

Our collection of 4 vintages

  • Cuvée BIO – early-season harvest, November – from our youngest olives, grown on organic plots.
  • Cuvée 01 – early-season harvest, mid-November – from our youngest olives.
  • Cuvée 02 – mid-season harvest, December – from our olives in their veraison phase.
  • Cuvée 03 – late-season harvest, January – from our ripest olives.

Our three formats

  • The iconic 500ml white bottle: Our bottles are a nod to the terracotta pottery used by the Yayas* in the Peloponnese. White and opaque, they preserve all the taste qualities of olive oil.
  • The 250ml container: For a more raw, industrial style, we also offer our olive oil in modern table-top containers.
  • The 2.5l BIB: Convenient, easy to store, economical and ecological, our latest 2.5l format is a must-have for olive oil aficionados.

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