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Greek Harissa

Kalios x Tava Hada Pilpelta

Discover our exclusive and (very) limited edition collaboration between Kalios and Tava Hada Pilpelta to bring you a harissa with a unique taste.

This artisanal recipe has been specially designed for aficionados of Greek Mediterranean products.

The secret of our collaboration lies in the combination of three unique products:

Chemsi Tava Hada Pilpeta chili: carefully selected, this pepper adds character to your dish.

Cuvée 03 Kalios: our special cuvée harmonizes the meeting of flavors.

Kalios Greek oregano and rosemary: our aromatic herbs bring authentic Mediterranean notes to the recipe.

Kalios x Tava Hada Pilpelta harissa is a spicy yet perfectly balanced product: it blends the traditional smoky notes of Tunisian harissa with chilli pepper, creating a unique taste that will leave you breathless. Its intense flavor and complexity make it a condiment of choice for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.

In the kitchen, our harissa spices up all your recipes, sauces and marinades, and is perfect as a base for your gourmet bruschettas and pitas.

Our favourite tip: Use harissa instead of mustard in traditional vinaigrettes for the spicy, zesty flavour we love in the Mediterranean.

100 g 8€

Out of stock

Greek Harissa 100g

Name: Greek Harissa 100g

Net quantity: 100 grams

Price per kilogram: €80 incl. VAT

Origin : France

Ingredients : Chemsi pepper (21.2%), smoked pepper, garlic, water, salt, caraway, coriander, Kalios 03 olive oil, Greek oregano (1.8%), Greek rosemary (1.8%).

Best before date: 24 months from production date, 8 months after opening.

Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

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