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Greek Pasta

Discover our delicious pasta: Hilopites.

Tasty, genuine Greek pasta made by hand from the finest ingredients.

Why is it so delicious?

Thanks to a unique recipe with just three ingredients: goat’s milk, durum wheat semolina, fresh eggs (and lots of love!).

How is it made?

Our Greek pasta is made artisanally from products carefully selected to preserve the traditional recipe: one of the best Greek wheats, eggs from the local farm and fresh milk collected less than a kilometre away from our atelier to guarantee the quality and tradition of our artisanal Greek pasta. Once they’re ready, they are left to dry naturally for 22 to 25 hours!

Take a culinary trip: our real Greek pasta, with its typical local shape, is cooked just like risotto. Finely cut, they are ready in just a few minutes in boiling water, in sauce or pilaf style.

1 kg 13.50€

Out of stock

Hilopites 1 kg

Denomination : Pasta Hilopites 1kg

Net quantity : 1 kilogramme

Price per kilos :  13€50  all taxes included

Origin : Greece

Ingredients : Durum wheat semolina (93,6%), fresh eggs (3,9%), goat’s milk (2,5%), Minimum Durability Date : 24 months.

Storage conditions : store away from light, heat and humidity


Nutritional values for 100g :

Energy : 1608kJ / 379 kcal

Fat content : 4g
of which saturated fatty acids : 0,6g

Carbohydrates : 77,9g
of which sugars : 1,4g

Protein : 13,4g

Salt : 0,07g

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