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(re)Discover Greek Saffron

As one of the world’s finest, we’ve selected Krokos Kozanis Grade 1 Saffron for its color, fragrance and bitterness, creating the perfect balance.

Let yourself be captivated by its exceptional aromatic power: just a few pistils are enough to sublimate any dish or dessert.

Cultivated since ancient times in Krokos, a small village in northern Greece renowned for its purple fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, it is now protected by a PDO to preserve its scarcity and quality.

Harvested by hand, the flowers are dried to extract only the noblest part, the red stigmas, which will bring out the flavors of all your dishes.

In the kitchen, our saffron will enhance your Saint-Jacques scallops and magnify your orzo.

How do I measure out Krokos Kozanis Saffron?

For one dish, count on an average of 12 stigmas, which means you can create 41 recipes, each more delicious than the last, with our 1-gram tin.

In a 1-gram tin of our Greek saffron, you’ll find around 500 stigmas, i.e. almost 150 hand-picked flowers whose pistils have been meticulously removed with tweezers.

1g 19.80€

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Safran Krokos Kozanis Aop

Denomination : Safran 1g
Net quantity : 1g
Price per kilos :  19800€ TTC
Origin : Grèce
Ingredients : Saffron

Minimum Durability Date : 5 months from the harvest, date indicated on the box.

Storage conditions : store away from light, heat and humidity


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