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Exceptional salts box

3 salts box

Choose no more with our Exceptional Salts Box.

Featuring our three iconic salts, this is the perfect assortment for the indecisive and those who want to diversify their pleasures.

In a pretty box in the simple, uncluttered colors of Greece, you’ll find our two pyramidal salts and our smoked salt.

Our pyramid salt is a natural sea salt to be used as a finishing touch, like “fleur de sel”, to bring out all the flavors of your dishes.
Our black pyramid salt is unique in its color, due to the addition of natural cuttlefish ink, which gives it a light, salty, iodized taste to enhance your dishes with simplicity.
Our smoked salt is naturally cold-smoked over beech wood for 140 hours, and is ideal for enhancing meats and vegetables.

The 2 pyramid-shaped salts, one plain and the other with squid ink, create a beautiful effect in the kitchen. We love their exceptional crunchiness. As for smoked salt, it gives a unique “smoky” note to raw vegetables, meat and fish.

The perfect trio to spice up your recipes, or the ideal gift to offer all year round!

35G + 35 G + 90 G 13.90€

Denomination : Exceptional Salts box set
Net Quantity: 35g + 35g + 90g
Origin : Greece
Ingredients :

Pyramid salt: sea salt
Black salt pyramid: sea salt, cuttlefish ink powder
Smoked salt: beech wood smoked sea salt

Minimum Durability Date: 12 months

Storage conditions: Store away from heat and light.

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Secured payment

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Free delivery

From 50 euros of purchase in France (outside Corsica)

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