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Nectar honey box

2 honey box

At Kalios, we’ve selected the finest Greek honeys for you!

Travel to the heart of the Peloponnese with our box of cold-extracted, unfiltered nectar honeys. The perfect way to discover the richness and diversity of Greek nectar honey, with our thyme honey and wildflower honey.

Our thyme honey is produced on the island of Kythera, between the Peloponnese and Crete! Harvested from thyme flowers, the bees come to gather the sweet nectar that will later become a delicious, exceptional honey.

It enhances your desserts, goes perfectly with fruit and is best enjoyed in the evening with an infusion.

As for our wildflower honey, its pearly color reveals a bouquet of complex flavors thanks to the floral diversity of the Greek lands.

In the kitchen, this nectar honey enhances infusions and goes wonderfully well with fresh cheeses.

Our box comes with a beautiful wooden tasting spoon.

2X 250 G 25.9€

Denomination : Box of nectar honeys
Net quantity: 250g + 250g
Origin : Greece
Ingredients: wild flower honey, thyme honey

Minimum Durability Date: 12 months

Storage conditions: Store away from heat and light.

Free delivery from 50 euros of purchase in France (outside Corsica)
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Secured payment

Visa - Mastercard - Amex - Paypal

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Free delivery

From 50 euros of purchase in France (outside Corsica)

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